Midi Rings - Where History Meets Modern Glam

Midi Rings - Where History Meets Modern Glam

Step into the current fashion scene, and you'll be captivated by a resurgence of a timeless trend – midi rings. Also known as first knuckle rings, tea rings, or memory rings, these delicate bands grace the top portion of fingers, creating a chic and worldly look. Whether worn individually or layered for added drama, midi rings are becoming the must-have accessory among trendsetters. 

"Portrait of a Woman" by Bernhard Strigel

The roots of midi rings stretch back to the Renaissance era, adding a touch of historical significance to this contemporary fashion statement. During the Renaissance, wearing a first knuckle ring symbolized wealth and privilege, indicating a lifestyle free from manual labor. This echoes in the artwork of that era, such as Bernhard Strigel's Portrait of a Woman, showcasing a bejeweled collar and a first knuckle ring worn by a wealthy woman between 1500 and 1525.

So, why has this centuries-old style made a remarkable comeback in the 21st century? One contributing factor could be the widespread popularity of nail art. As people increasingly prioritize hand care, a well-manicured nail becomes a perfect canvas for showcasing multiple rings, providing an extra layer of allure to the midi ring trend.

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