About Us

Welcome to NYXA.

We chose the name NYXA, after the genderless primordial Greek deity Nyx, who was born of Chaos and represents the personification of night. NYXA jewelry serves as a reflection of these powerful concepts. We create pieces that transcend gender norms, serve as grounding reminders of the beauty born from chaos, and evoke the authentic essence of self-discovery that often happens under the protective cover of night.

Transcend Gender

Nyx's genderless nature holds great significance for us. Our designs transcend societal expectations, offering a diverse range of pieces that allow each individual to shine authentically, regardless of gender identity.

See Beauty

In Greek mythology, Nyx was born of Chaos. In our chaotic world, we find inspiration in Nyx's origin. We embrace the idea that amidst the tumultuous aspects of life, there is immense potential for beauty, growth, and creation. 

Celebrate Self-Discovery

Nyx represents the personification of night in Greek mythology. For many (especially in the queer community), the cover of night has historically provided an opportunity, free from the constraints of daytime performative roles, to let go of pretenses and embrace our true selves. Nyx's influence reminds us of the transformative power of embracing our authenticity, as well as cherishing moments of stillness and self-discovery.

NYXA invites you to celebrate the vibrant tapestry of identities that make our world truly extraordinary, find solace in the ever-present beauty that surrounds us, and embrace the multitude of possibilities that exist.