Ace and Aro Icons Who Redefined Asexuality

Ace and Aro Icons Who Redefined Asexuality

The conversation around asexuality and aromanticism, often abbreviated as ace and aro, has grown exponentially in recent years. Recognizing those who have helped shape this conversation is vital. This article focuses on nine ace and aro icons who have played a significant role in revolutionizing how we understand and embrace these orientations.


Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey, the American writer and artist known for his illustrated books, was known to be quite private about his personal life, including his sexual orientation. He often avoided questions about his sexuality, and there are conflicting reports about whether he identified as asexual or simply chose not to disclose his sexual orientation.

In interviews, Gorey himself stated that he was "asexual" or "probably asexual," and some biographers and people close to him have supported this claim. However, concrete information about Gorey's sexual orientation is limited, and interpretations of his comments vary.

In any case, Gorey's contributions to literature and art remain widely celebrated, and his personal life continues to intrigue fans and scholars. His statement about potentially being asexual has contributed to conversations about asexuality and helped increase visibility for the ace community, even if the details of his sexual orientation remain somewhat ambiguous.

Wilson performing in October 2012

Angel Haze

Rapper and singer Angel Haze has openly discussed being agender and pansexual, and their discussions about sexuality have included references to asexuality, fostering a broader understanding.

Yasmin Benoit

Yasmin Benoit, a model, and activist, is a vocal advocate for asexual and aromantic rights. Her efforts in breaking stereotypes have significantly impacted the way society views these orientations.


David Jay

David Jay, the founder of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), has been a leading figure in promoting the rights and recognition of asexual individuals. His work has been instrumental in building a strong ace community.

Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn, best known for his role on the television show "Project Runway," has publicly discussed his personal life, including his sexual orientation and the fact that he has chosen to remain celibate for many years.

In various interviews, Gunn has described himself as asexual, explaining that he has not been in a relationship for several decades and does not have a strong desire for sexual activity. He has been candid about his decision to remain celibate, and his openness has contributed to broader discussions and understanding of asexuality.

Tim Gunn's discussion of his sexual orientation has helped to increase visibility for the asexual community, demonstrating that asexuality is a valid and diverse sexual orientation. His willingness to talk openly about asexuality has provided a well-known example that may help others feel more comfortable exploring or embracing their own sexual orientation.

Impact On Society

These ace and aro icons, have revolutionized how society sees asexuality and aromanticism. They have fought against misconceptions, created spaces for dialogue, and most importantly, helped individuals embrace who they are. The world is a more accepting place because of them. Whether through activism, music, acting, or writing, they have opened doors, fostered dialogues, and helped many embrace their own identities. Their influence continues to ripple through society, making it a more inclusive and empathetic place.

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